CRONICAS explores the evelopment of the investigations with Duke Kunshan University


CRONICAS, Center of Excelence in Chronical Diseases is exploring the development of the investigations joint with the Center of Investigation in Global Health of the University Duke Kunsha (DKU) of China.
Rodrigo Carrillo, investigator of CRONICAS, has a mission to explore studies on topics of joint interests and to propose spaces of exchange. Carrillo has been doing an elective rotation in China and has taken a few minutes to share with us a message:
“I am currently developing a study on prevalence of high cardiovascular risk in nine developing countries. The data has been collected by the centers of excellence located in these countries. In the final stage we have done the analysis and coordinated with each center drafting the manuscript. It was a great opportunity to grow academically, professionally and personally. I am grateful with CRONICAS for the training I have received over the years and by the example of high-quality search results”

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