CRONICAS present in the “Emerging Leaders Program” of the World Heart Federation


The World Heart Federation – WHF will realice in Lima the “Think Tank Seminar” from the 22nd to the 28th of March, like one of the central activities from the program “Emerging Leaders – Cohorte 2015”. The event will count with the support and participation of CRONICAS through our partner Juan Carlos Bazo Alvarez and will gather renowned reseachers of all over the world, committed to the fight against cardiovascular diseases globally within the 25 × 25 objectives of the United Nations.

The program “Emerging Leaders” has been designed to reunite a talented and extraordinary human global group that share a common interest in the promotion of preventing and treatment of the cardiovascular diseases, not only in their country of origin but also worldwide. Therefore, under this program the efforts in research are maximized, the development of knowledge and collaboration are maximized, through training of a select group of emerging leaders, for one year.

For this year, the Emerging Leaders (Cohort 2015) program will bring together 26 people from 13 countries of 4 continents, developing various actions in order to reduce the prevalence of heart disease in the context of the objectives 25 × 25 of the United Nations. They have a very varied professional and academic experience, and come from various fields such as the university, the public, non-governmental organizations and private enterprise. Among them is our colleague Juan Carlos Bazo Alvarez, who qualified after passing a rigorous selection process from among hundreds of applicants worldwide.

The Emerging Leaders-2015 cohorte will be trained throughout the year by the WHF experienced researchers, led by Dr. Mark D. Huffman (Northwestern University), who is responsible for this program. The March event in Lima will concentrate all participants (Faculty – Emerging Leaders) for the central part of the training and greater interaction, which we hope will translate into actions of great and positive impact on global health.

We wish success to all !!!

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