Pilot study on the effect of individual and mixed economic incentives to control diabetes

This study will serve as a base to prepare a future clinical essay, orientated to compare what works better: deliver the economical incentives to the person with diabetes (individual incentives) or deliver the incentives to the pacient and a person who motivates and will help the pacient change their habbits so they can control their diabetes and get healthier. (Mixed incentives)


The goal of this explorative project is to know if using economical incentives makes it posible to promote habbits that have repercussions in a reduction of weight and a better glycemic control of the pacients with diabetes.


This project consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Formative study
Through questionnaires (phase 1) and interviews (phase 2) with diabetic pacients and with their family members, we will search to answer the following questions: How much should be the quantity of the economical incentive to prompote the weight loss and the better control of the disease in pacients with diabetes mellitus type 2? Which is the best way to deliver this incentive? How do the pacientes perceive the goals of the weight reduction that is proposed to them? Which is the profile of the escorts and what is their role in the management of the diabetes of the pacient?

Phase 2: Pilot Study
In this phase 40 pacients (20 in each arm) will be chosen by random to compare the effects of the individual economical incentives and the mixed económical incentives on the weight loss and the glycosylated hemoglobin in pacients with diabetes mellitus type 2. This phase will also help to evaluate the process the implementation of this strategy, rescuing lessons that are useful for the implementation of a clinical essay.

Phase 3: In this phase, the experience of the pacients in the pilot study will be evaluated through interviews with the pacients and their family members.

Since it is necessary that every intervention has to have long-term results, this study additionally will aim to determine the mortality and morbidity in different populations of pacients with diabetes (In general population and in pacients in treatment) to generate the necessary assumptions for the estimate of the size of the sample of a future study.


The project started in November of 2015


María Amalia Pesantes


Lima, Perú


Medical Research Council (MRC), United Kingdom


2015 – 2017

Research team

Jaime Miranda, MD, MSc, PhD, FFPH, Antonio Bernabé-Ortiz, MD, MPH, Francisco Diez Canseco, BA, MPH, María Amalia Pesantes, MA, MPH, PhD

Antonio Trujillo (Johns Hopkins University, Estados Unidos)