Applied research focused on the inclusion of disabled persons within social protection systems

This project combines different research designs and methodologies in order to propose strategies for the proper inclusion of disabled people within the social protection systems of medium and low income countries.


The aim of the study is to analyze to what degree current social protection systems include people with disabilities, and to propose guidelines for their future design and implementation to include this sector of the population in an adequate and systematic manner.


This study is being undertaken simultaneously in Tanzania and Peru. The project is composed of different stages and a combination of different methodologies and designs contributing to meeting its objectives.

The first stage is an analysis of the domestic and international policies regarding the inclusion of people with disabilities within social protection systems. The second stage, which in Peru will take place in the district of Morropón, Piura, consists of three consecutive studies: (1) A survey to estimate the prevalence of disability; (2) A case-control study to compare the living conditions of individuals with and without disabilities, and; (3) A Survey to assess the experience of people with and without disabilities in “JUNTOS” – National Direct Support Program for the Most Disadvantaged. The third stage is a qualitative study with different key players stagein Peru and with individuals with disability in Morropón, in order to evaluate their inclusion in social protection systems.

One of the key products of this process, in addition to the research reports, is the development of an evidence based toolbox, which also includes a gender perspective, that can be applied internationally, for the development of appropriate and inclusive social protection programs.




Francisco Diez Canseco


Morropón, Piura, Peru

Morropón, Piura, Peru


Cooperación Alemana al Desarrollo (GIZ).



Research team

Francisco Diez Canseco, BA, MPH, Antonio Bernabé – Ortiz, MD, MPH.

Contributors: Alberto Vásquez, BA, MSc, (Sociedad y Discapacidad, Perú) ,Karl Blanchet,  MMgt, MScPH, PhD,  Hannah Kuper, ScD, (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Inglaterra), Flora Myamba, PhD, (REPOA, Tanzania).