Municipality of Miraflores and CRONICAS are promoting healthy breads


Municipal bakery Santa Cruz, thanks to the incentive and advice of CRONICAS, is pioneer of producing bread with 20% less salt in the country, which contributes to a better life style.

With the aim to prevent diseases and contribute to a better life style, the Municipality of Miraflores, in an aliance with CRONICAS – Center of Excelence and Chronical Diseases of the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) – is promoting the consumption of bread with less salt.

Thus, since 2014 the municipal bakery Santa Cruz (Calle Mariano Melgar 247) has been a pioneer in the country to produce a much healthier French bread, with 20% less salt in their preparation. Only between April and December 2014, they were sold and distributed about 60 thousand low-salt French bread, because each day more than 500 of these breads are produced. Also, this initiative is being replicated by other bakeries in the district.

The average salt consumption in Latin America is about 10 grams per day, twice what we need, according to the World Action on Salt and Health group. In our country, 12% of the population suffers from high blood pressure, according to the Demographic and Family Health Survey (DHS, 2013).
The sale of these breads is complemented by gastronomic workshops that the Municipality of Miraflores will develop this year, the same that will be focused on promoting cardiovascular health, with moderate salt intake.
It is important to mention that the municipality conducts free seven projects to improve nutrition in the community, and that focus on the care of pregnant women, children under five, schoolchildren, young adults, older adults, as well as perform visits to houses.

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