Antonio Bernabé – Ortiz


Research Associate

“I am motivated by the challenge of carrying out research in a country like ours from a methodological point of view, and that is why I seek to apply new techniques adequate to facilitating research in our own context.”

Antonio Bernabé is a Research Associate with CRONICAS Center of Excellence in Chronic Diseases and the Epidemiology Unit of Cayetano Heredia University (UPCH). He graduated in Medicine from Cayetano Heredia University (UPCH) and holds a Master’s degree in Control of Infectious Disease (UPCH) and Public Health (University of Washington).

Currently, he holds lectures the Research in Epidemiology Master’s Program at Cayetano Heredia University. He is particularly interested in chronic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, as well as non-communicable diseases, including obesity and cardiovascular risk factors.

List of publications:

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