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Trajectories of body mass index and waist circumference in four Peruvian settings at different level of urbanisation: the CRONICAS Cohort Study

A prospective cohort in Peru found that BMI and waist circumference increased faster in less urbanized areas in comparison to highly urbanized settings.

Sodium and Potassium Consumption in a Semi-Urban Area in Peru: Evaluation of a Population-Based 24-Hour Urine Collection

A population-based study in Tumbes (Peru) revealed high sodium consumption and low potassium intake.

Parental body mass index and blood pressure are associated with higher body mass index and blood pressure in their adult offspring: a cross-sectional study in a resource-limited setting in northern Peru

The BMI of the mother is associated with greater BMI of the adult male offspring; the BMI of the father is associated with greater BMI of both male and female offspring, but to a greater extent than that of the mother. The higher the systolic blood pressure of the mother, the higher the offspring’s systolic blood pressure; there was no association with the father’s blood pressure.

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Taste, Salt Consumption, and Local Explanations around Hypertension in a Rural Population in Northern Peru

Spatial distribution of individuals with symptoms of depression in a periurban area in Lima: an example from Peru

Characteristics Associated With Antihypertensive Treatment and Blood Pressure Control: A Population-Based Follow-Up Study in Peru.

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