Would you like to learn more about how we work?
Then the CRONICAS TRAINEE Program is for you. The program is aimed at all Peruvian and overseas researchers and students who are looking to invest time in gaining experience and learning through their work. At CRONICAS, trainees will have the opportunity to work on chronic non-communicable diseases research projects in Peru and receive guidance during each project.

In addition, trainees will benefit from contact with a wide-ranging network of institutions and professionals at a national and international level, and ongoing counsel from the team and colleagues.

What does being a trainee mean? “Being a trainee means searching, participating in an environment and finding yourself: exploring and deciding if you want to become involved in research. There are two parallel paths. The first is your personal journey, from a trainee to an experienced researcher. And the second, quite separate, involves the duties, tasks and responsibilities connected with specific projects. Give yourself whatever title you like: supervisor, manager, coordinator, boss, superboss, etc. Projects come to an end, your does not.” - Jaime Miranda – Director of CRONICAS Center of Excellence in Chronic Diseases

If you are interested in forming part of the CRONICAS team as a TRAINEE, write to us at: